2.0 Heroes


Curiosities on web sites, Facebook and Twitter pages of the most popular volleyball players

Are you a big fan of the FIVB Heroes Giba or Manon Flier? Do you spend hours writing and reading in Facebook or Twitter? Now you can match the two things and see how these great champions are also technological and web addicted like you!

If you need any further explanation, look at this: Giba, one of the strongest and most talented players of Brazil, has any kind of 2.0 tools in order to keep in touch with his fans. He has a personal website (www.giba7.com.br), a page on Facebook (Giba 7 Oficial), an account on Twitter (@Giba7Oficial) and also a private YouTube channel (Canal de Giba7Oficial), and every day he uploads something new about his life or future program.

But if you think he is the only FIVB Hero who really likes new technologies, then that is not the right answer. In fact, in the last years almost every player did his/her personal web site to let people know what news about his/her private and volleyball life. For example, another big fan of the web is Antonin Rouzier, player of France national team, who created a web site (www.multivolley.com/stars/rouzier/index.html) where you can find every news about his career and daily life, and also the links to his personal Facebook page (Antonin Rouzier – officieland Twitter account (@AntoninRouzier).

Then there is Manon Flier, the great spiker of the Netherlands, who has a personal web site (http://www.manonflier.org) where fans can even write directly to her, leaving their thoughts in the guestbook. Another example can be Joanna Kaczor, opposite of the Polish national team, who constantly writes on her website (http://www.asiakaczor.pl) what news there is about her, and where there are also links to the websites of her favourite players like Bartosz Kurek or Kasia Skorupa.

Of course all FIVB Heroes are featured on our website and they all have profiles on facebook.com/FIVBHeroes.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start surfing the internet and check what your heroes are doing and thinking right now!