Beach volleyball season review 2012 – Asian FIVB Heroes

At the 2012 edition of the Swatch World Tour, which starts 15 April in Brasilia, fans will have the chance to see two duos of Chinese FIVB Heroes: Penggen Wu with Linyin Xu and Chen Xue with Zhang Xi.

For Penggen and Linyin, 2011 was not the best of years: despite great effort and sacrifice, a bronze medal at the Brazil Open was their only trophy, while finishing eighth on the tour was nothing to write home about. But our Chinese Heroes will not be discouraged and approach this year’s tour full of renewed energy, determination and motivation. Will that be enough to climb onto the podium more than once?

Chen Xue and Zhang Xi, on the other hand, did a lot better than their compatriots, taking home two gold medals from the Swatch World Tour 2011 at Paf Open and Phuket, plus silver at Sanya Open, 1to1 Energy Grand Slam and A1 Grand Slam presented by Volksbank and bronze at Moscow Grand Slam. These Chinese superstars didn’t stop at ruling the Swatch World Tour though, scoring another bronze at the World Championships in Rome. Will this season see them expand their trophy collection in a similar manner?

Let’s hope that Chen and Zhang will inspire their fellow Chinese Heroes Penggen and Linyin to do their best this year too. In such an important Olympic year, the joy of being an FIVB Hero is great, but the joy of winning is even greater!