Cuba in the semifinal!

After their loss against Canada, FIVB Hero Wilfredo Leon and his team finished pool round in second place and had to fight it out with Trinidad & Tobago in the quarterfinal. Cuba dominated the game from the get go and won in straight sets. The young captain scored 9 points, with 58% of them in attack including 2 aces.

“The match went well, the way we expected it to,” said Wilfredo Leon. “These matches serve as training for our match tomorrow. We want to congratulate the team of Trinidad & Tobago for all the hard work they have done. After we train tomorrow, I think we’ll be ready.”

In the semi-final Cuba will face the USA and FIVB Hero Clayton Stanley. For many people this match is like an “early” final”. Only one Hero will get the chance to win the ticket to London. Who will reach the final? We will find out tonight!