FIVB Heroes to Meet in the Semi-Final?

Canada under coach Glenn Hoag defeated Cuba with Wilfredo Leon in straight sets and thus reached the semi-final. The FIVB Hero played well, achieving 54% attack efficiency, but was outclassed by the superior Canadians. You simply have no hope of winning when your opponents finish 15 kills with 100% efficiency.

But Cuba won’t give up. “The game obviously didn’t go well,” Cuba’s captain Wilfredo Leon said. “There were many errors on our side. This is where we became disjointed. We knew it was going to be a strong match, but it was not our day. The competition keeps going and there is still the possibility to win.”

The US and Clayton Stanley can feel more comfortable after beating Mexico 3-0 and winning their pool. The FIVB Hero led his sqaud scoring 14 points, but remained a consummate teamplayer and respectful for the opponent. “My opinion of this match, Mexico, they did a great job,” Stanley said. “They are really scrappy and made a lot of great plays. We made a lot of little plays in the beginning that kept the game close, especially in the first set with over passes and free balls. In the third set we opened that set up with service to put them in trouble spots. As far as our next two matches we need to clean those little things up, make better plays, stay focused, follow our offense and be consistent and not be so up and down.”

Now Cuba must win in the quarter-final against Trinidad and Tobago, which would see them face the US in the semi-final. And that means that for one of our Heroes the dream of reaching the final and winning the ticket to London won’t come true. Both teams do still have the chance to qualify from the intercontinental tournamen – so who’s gonna win? Will our Heroes stop the dark horse of the tournament, Canada, in their march to victory? Keep your fingers crossed for your idols!