Joanna Kaczor’s battle

As the opposite in Poland’s national team, she led her country to a bronze medal at the European Championships 2009 on home turf. Unfortunately she ended up paying a high price for her stellar performance in the tournament and the following club season. Problems with her spleen prevented her from showing all her potential in the Italian league, and even if she tried to get back to better health with her national team, she only made it to the Final Six of World Grand Prix without winning any medal. But Joanna didn’t give up.

At the World Championships in Japan Poland finished in ninth place, which is the best result in the history of women’s volleyball for the country. Joanna played in the first phase of the tournament, but problems with the Achilles tendons meant she wasn’t able to handle whole tournament by herself. Volleyball is a team sport though and her team mate Malgorzata Glinka supported Joanna.

After the World Championships Joanna rejoined her club Muszynianka and won the Polish League, but this return to form was short-lived, as this success and the effort that went into it were too much for her Achilles tendons. Our FIVB Hero missed out on the European Championships 2011, where Poland came fifth. Her lengthy treatment took up a lot of time during the club season too, but Joanna is slowly heading for a full recovery. The coach of the national team hadn’t forgotten her and called her to help the squad qualify for London. Joanna didn’t hesitate and joined her compatriots to fight their battle – and her very own. She wants to become a first opposite again and then take the chance the team has to secure the ticket for the Olympics.

We wish her and Poland all the best in achieving this goal!