Juliana and Larissa Play Their One Hundredth World Tour Tournament!

Juliana Felisberta Da Silva and Larissa Franca, one of the best beach duos ever, celebrate a unique jubilee at the Beijing Grand Slam this week. It will be their one hundredth World Tour Event since they first got together in 2004.

More than that, the Brazilian girls are one of the most decorated teams in the history of this sport. In their previous 99 tournaments as a team, they have won unbelievable 42 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 15 bronze medals. Together Larissa and Juliana have also won every personal award, most of them several times.

The biggest success and most important gold medal amongst the 42 was their triumph in the Swatch World Championchips in 2011. Larissa and Juliana had reached the final twice before, but were never able to close it out until last year.

We congratulate Juliana and Larissa on their achievements in this sport and hope they continue their fantastic career both on and off the court!