Juliana & Larissa blog from Beijing

“Hi everyone following FIVB Heroes!

Here we are once again talking to you directly from Beijing! We won our first SWATCH World Tour event this year! We are very pleased with our performance this tournament – from the opening match till the big final we played 7 games without losing a single set!

We’ve worked hard and performed well in different areas: myself mainly in attack and block, while Larissa did a great job of setting, service, attack and defense. During this event we were more confident and tried different plays more often that helped us to surprise our opponents. Our tatics worked, allowing us to play at a  good pace, and making life harder for our adversaries during the competition.

We faced the Germans Holtwick and Semmler in the semi-finals, who eliminated us from the Beijing tournament last year. This time, we played a balanced match, but were able to win 2-0, to advance to the final!

In the decisive match we again met the Italians, our fellow FIVB Heroes Cicolari and Menegatti, who this year during one of our home events – the Brasilia Open – beat us twice, including in the bronze medal game. This time was a different story! We were more focused and with Larissa’s good services we were able to pressure them and win the final!

I used to have bad memories from Beijing, but not anymore! We didn’t start this season well. I think we needed to be more concentrated, so we really wanted to win here! And we did it!

This tournament was really good for us. We played well, we fixed some mistakes we have been making in previous competitions and we regained our confidence. Now is time to return to Brazil and keep on working hard for the next challenges to come.

It was really a special win for us, especially for me, as I was also named MVP of the tournament! With 100 competitions in the World Tour, we took out our 43rd title and are now leading the tour with 2400 points! Beijing is definitely a Grand Slam to remember, and that will push us to achieve more and more of our goals!”


“As Juliana said it, we were able to fix the mistakes we made in previous tournaments, and by focusing ourselves on this task, we could make our game flow.

I ventured a little bit more with different plays and I think that worked well for us, surprising our adversaries. I hope we can manage to repeat that in other opportunities, so we can keep succeeding. I’m happy that our tactics worked out, especially the attack in the second play when I normally make the set. That often surprises our opponents, as they are not expecting it. We really wanted to get back to the top spot on the podium, win for the first time in Beijing and celebrate our 100th participation in World Tour events with the gold medal. And we did it!”