Kerri Walsh: Mom and Athlete

Following the 2008 Olympics, FIVB Hero Kerri Walsh took a two year career break. During that time she gave birth to her two beautiful boys Joseph and Sundance.

Last year she announced she would get back to courts with her partner Misty May-Treanor, to try and qualify for their 4th Olympic Games. Being a world class athlete as well as a mother is not an easy job, and with the support of her sister, Kerri tries to take her boys with her to as many tournaments as possible, where they delight fans and fellow athletes alike with their golden hair and gorgeous smiles.

Unfortunately at the Brasilia Open 2012 she hasn’t been able to bring her two biggest fans with her as they are now at school, and our FIVB hero readily admits that being away from them is one of the hardest things she has done.

However, should Walsh and May-Treanor qualify for the 2012 Olympics, the entire family will be together in London to live an experience they will never forget!