Last chance for Poland and Turkey

Only one match separates undefeated Poland and Turkey from a ticket to the London Olympics. For both teams Ankara is the only opportunity to qualify.

Joanna Kaczor and Margareta Kozuch faced off again in the semi-finals, as Poland and Germany met again following their friendly match ups earlier. Both teams had their ups and downs, but Poland eventually triumphed, beating Germany 3:1.

Margareta didn’t hide her tears after the match, but congratulated Poland: ”They did a good job. The whole team has worked very hard, and we still have a small chance to qualify for the Olympic Games. The Turkish team is very strong and I believe they will qualify for the Olympics.” For Margareta and her team the only chance to keep fighting for a ticket to Olympics would be for Russia to win the entire competition. Germany would then go to Japan in June to fight one last time. But their hope died a couple of hours later…

Russia didn’t give Turkey an easy time, and the first two sets were very tough. But having played 3 days in a row with such an intense battle, Russia faded towards the end. Ekaterina Gamova had no answers to the great play of Neslihan Darnel and her teammates. Turkey won the match 3:1 and are looking forward to the final. Russia still has a chance at the tournament in Japan and we believe that world champion Ekaterina Gamova will get to the Olympics once again!

The final match starts soon. Turkey has played perfectly, but Poland have shown they know how to get up off their knees after losing sets. Passionate Turkish fans will put a lot of pressure on their team’s opponent and do everything they can to try and help their ladies. We only need to go back to 2003 to list a team that handled the pressure of Turkish fans, winning against Turkey in the final of European Championships. And that was… Poland.

Two teams left. Millions of fans fingers crossed. One ticket. The last chance.

Who will go to London in the summer? Let’s find out!