Talita and Maria Elisa dominate in Sanya

While Talita/Maria Elisa and Juliana/Larissa clashed in a dramatic all-Brazilian final, the crowd celebrated the bronze medal for their local heroes Chen Xue and Zhang Xi.

Talita and Antonelli rushed through the field undefeated with a fantastic performance, to win their eighth tour event. As last year, the spectators saw a breathtaking final, ending with a two point difference in the tie break 21-17, 17-21, 15-13.

The victory in the final over their compatriots Larissa and Juliana was particularly poignant, as Talita and Antonelli defeated the reigning World Champs and the most successful Brazilian women’s team of the few last years.

Describing the culmination of their hard work Maria Antonelli said: “If you fight and practice a lot and you can win, that’s the best feeling you can ever have.”

However, knowing the ambition and drive of Larissa and Juliana, they will come back stronger than ever, being motivated by having a new rival from Brazil.

Our Chinese Heroes, Chen Xi and Zhang Xue were again able to ascend the podium, losing only one match in the semis against Larissa and Juliana who got sweet revenge for their loss last week. The Chinese crowd helped their team to win the bronze medal match against Austrians Sara Montagnolli and Barbara Hansel 21-16, 21-17.

“It’s just the beginning of the season and I think we are in better shape than last year. I hope we can continue like this for the rest of the season” said Xue of their season start.

Xue and Zhang Xi have another chance to capture gold in front of their homecrowd, as the next tour stop will be in Shanghai.

Stay tuned to find out how our Heroes will do there!