FIVB Heroes Campaign makes dreams come true!

Surprised but happy, Denitsa and her brother Evgeni came to the Arena Armeec to pick up tickets for the event and their FIVB Heroes package. And there was more excitement to come: Denitsa and her brother were taken to the fan zone to take a picture in the blue box and then went to the VIP section to watch the match from the best seats in the house – a place usually off limits to fans. After the first semi-final our guests came to the court to meet FIVB Hero Clayton Stanley right after he and Team USA had qualified for the Word League final. For the second semi-final our siblings joined the Bulgarian fans to support their team. An experience that would have been crowned by a win of the home team, but unfortunately the hosts lost. Whatever the outcome though, Denitsa will never forget this adventure!

 “When the lady called me to tell me I had won, I couldn’t believe it,” she says. “My brother was always more lucky than me. It’s a dream come true! This sweepstake was a great idea, as a few weeks ago nobody in Bulgaria even knew about the campaign. It’s a great opportunity to promote volleyball.”

Follow your favourite Heroes at and one day you might be the lucky winner just like Denitsa!


We hope Denitsa and Evgeni had fun on their day with the FIVB Heroes. Find more out about Denitsa’s and Evgeni’s day with the FIVB Heroes:

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