FIVB Heroes Fail to Make Their Mark in Klagenfurt

Which is even more unusual considering the fact that seven of them participated. Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser came out on top of these Magnificent Seven, finishing fourth. After losing to Brazilians Marcio and Pedro in the semi-final with 1-2 (23-25, 21-17, 10-15), the Americans couldn’t play the bronze medal match, as Phil suffered an ankle injury. Nothing serious, but with regard to the Olympics they thought it better not to take any unnecessary risks. “Phil tweaked his ankle in a divot,” Todd explained. “Nothing to worry about, but why risk London?”

Marcio and Pedro had shocked two other FIVB Heroes before, eliminating Jonas Reckermann and Julius Brink from Germany in the quarter-finals in an unbelievable match 2-1 (21-23, 21-17, 24-22). The Brazilians, however, met their match in Dutch team Richard Schuil and Reinder Nummerdor, who took home the gold medal of the Klagenfurt Grand Slam with a decisive 2-1 (14-21, 21-12, 15-13) win.

China’s FIVB Heroes Penggen Wu and Linyin Xu finished fifth, while Paolo Nicolai from Italy stalled in ninth place. Both teams had to forfeit their matches due to minor injuries.

Now the biggest event of the year is around the corner: the Olympic Games in London. Find all the information and latest results by your FIVB Heroes at!