For quite some time, fans have been talking about this German opposite. Georg Grozer not only impresses by the quantity of points scored, but also the way in which he scores them which is often jaw-dropping. At two meters tall, Georg’s athleticism allows him to reach higher than all but a few players in the world. The force he applies to the ball has the power to intimidate his opponents, more than a few players have had to make painful acquaintances with his hits. 

In contrast to his intimidating appearance on court, the 28-year-old is very humble and down-to-earth off the court. In his leisure time, he loves to spend as much time as possible with his wife and two daughters.

Born in Hungary, he followed his father’s footsteps and moved to the German league early in his career. It’s not just his powerful style that is reminiscent of Georg Grozer Senior, but also his jersey number. Wherever Georg plays, he tries to get number 9 – as a dedication to his father.

He became a German citizen, but since “György”, as his name is written in Hungarian, had already played for the Hungarian national team, he had to wait two years until he was finally allowed to join team Germany.

Since 2009, Georg has been the undisputed number one on Germany’s opposite position – no mean feat as he has strong competition.

At the club level, Georg has played for Resovia Rzeszow in Poland for the last two years. After a strong first year, he certainly left his mark in the second. With spectacular playoff performances he won the title and was chosen the most valuable player of the finals. He also set a Polish league record when he sent a 128 km/h serve over the net.

In the upcoming season, the German-Hungarian will play for Lokomotiv Belgorod in Russia.

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