Olympic FIVB Heroes – Phil Dalhausser & Todd Rogers

Phil Dalhausser and his partner Todd Rogers have established themselves as one of the most successful beach volleyball teams ever. They won the World Championships in 2007 and many other events on the World Tour. Phil’s qualities – on and off the court also brought him many awards. Besides winning almost every personal award, he was also awarded “Sportsperson of the Year” in 2008. The blocker from the United States impresses with his unbelievable reach – no player reaches higher. Thanks to his stature and dominance at the net, he earned the nickname “The Thin Beast”, while Todd’s nickname “The Professor” is due to his ability to analyze situations and find the best way to outplay his opponents. He has been voted Best Defensive Player, Most Inspirational Player and Tour Champion during his World Tour career. In 2008, the pair celebrated their biggest success – an Olympic gold medal in Beijing. As reigning Olympic champions, and with two wins already this year, they look in fine form to defend their title.