One day with FIVB Heroes – At the SMART Grand Slam Berlin 2012

Karsten got it all right and Emanuel chose his picture to win the competition


“We found out about the FIVB Heroes campaign through these giant statues of Emanuel Rego and Kerri Walsh, so we thought we’d just give it a try”, said Karsten, explaining how ended up participating in the sweepstake.

With their VIP tickets, Karsten and Theresa got to sit in the VIPs’ block, and enjoy the catering at the event.

Unfortunately, Theresa’s favorites, Sara Goller and Laura Ludwig from Germany lost on the day and were out of the tournament. Despite their disappointing result, the German FIVB Heroes took time to meet our winners following the match. “They really don’t need to do that after that loss, we understand if they want to be alone now“, Theresa had said, so was even happier to get to meet Sara and Laura in person after all.

The weather steadily improved throughout the day, so that by the time the men’s final kicked off, the sun was out and shining bright. And even more important, Emanuel and his partner Alison were fighting for gold. It was the end of a perfect day for Karsten and Theresa, as the Brazilian FIVB Heroes overcame their opponents Sean Rosenthal and Jake Gibb of the USA in three exciting sets to capture gold and win the SMART Berlin Grand Slam 2012.

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Thumbs up for FIVB Heroes – Karsten and Theresa