Brazil recovers and advances together with USA, China and Korea

Team USA keeps rolling along and with two victories at the weekend remains invincible with five victories in five games. And Olympic FIVB Hero Destinee Hooker is giving her fans plenty to cheer about with 19 points in each of the last two games against Serbia and Turkey in two 3-0 wins for the Americans.

China and Korea both lost on Friday in tie-breaks against Brazil and Turkey. Jaw-dropping performances from Sheilla, who scored 23 points, and Neslihan Darnel with 27 points, helped ensure their teams victories and set up a faceoff on Sunday to decide their future at the Olympics. The Chinese girls with FIVB Hero Yimei Wang and the Koreans with Yeon-Koung Kim fought bravely and another 5 sets battle means both teams qualify mathematically. The Korean FIVB Hero scored another 32 points to put towards her personal record, but China ended the match with the victory.

Before knowing who they were going to face in quarterfinals, Kim, overall best scorer of the Olympics with an incredible 137 points, said: “We don’t know really. We are ready for every team. Maybe Russia are the ones we don’t want to play because they are very strong and tall, but we want to beat anyone.”

With the Asian’s result, only one place in the quarter finals was left for Brazil and Turkey. And the Brazilians used all their experience as current Olympic champions and showed their power in the decisive moments. After an rocky start to their Games, adding just 2 points in 3 matches, they beat China and Serbia to keep their dream of defending the gold medal alive.

The European teams in Pool B will go home empty handed. Despite FIVB Heroes Jovana Brakocevic and Neslihan Darnel and their teammate’s efforts, Serbia and Turkey were unable to advance and are out of the decisive round. They tried their best in London, and should be proud of what they have achieved.

We have reached the next stage at the Olympics, which FIVB Heroes will move ahead? Keep following to find out.