Father and son at the Olympics: Hugo and Facundo Conte

The passion for the sport has been passed down from the parents – both of them played for the National Volleyball Team – to their children: FIVB Hero Facundo is now the star of the current National Team and his two sisters Camila and Manuela who also play volleyball.

No tonly have father and son both played for the National Team, but they have each taken part in an Olympics.

In 1984 father Hugo took part in the XXIII Olympics in Los Angeles, his first, where he finished sixth with the “Selección” and was awarded best block of the tournament. It went better with his second participation in Seoul where he gained a bronze medal – his best performance at the Olympics. The last time was in Sydney 2000. Hugo had already left the National team ten years before, but he wanted a last Olympic experience and came close to achieving a miracle, reaching fourth position after beating Brazil in the quarter final.

When he decided to end his professional career as a player, he started to look after his son’s, taking him to Italy to let him play in the championship where he played for a long time.

Facundo played in Italy for five years, but he started in his home country, where he had also the opportunity to play with his father at Metropolitana Geba in 2007 which according to Facundo was “A dream come true for me and my father”. He was called up to the national team in 2009 and is now in London taking part in his first Olympics, but he is not alone as the entire family came with him to enjoy the atmosphere and to support the new champion of the family.

Who will be the next star to emerge from this unbelievable family!

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