Men’s Beach Final casts its shadow!

This clash between four Olympic FIVB Heroes is a big one by a number of measures. The match between the Brazilians and the Germans means the battle between the best team in the world and the best European team. More than that, it will be the duel between the World Champions from 2009 and 2011.

The last four matches have gone Emanuel and Alison’s way. But Julius and Jonas always gave them a run for their money. In their last clash in Moscow, the Germans led 14-11 in the tiebreak but couldn’t close out the match.

After their semi-final win yesterday, Julius expressed his respect for his opponents: “Alison and Emanuel stand out as the most dangerous team on tour. They’re number one and I could talk about that team for half an hour.“

However, the Germans won’t show any respect during the final. Getting better every match throughout the Olympics, they are in greater shape than ever. Typically German, Julius and Jonas impress with their precision and strength of nerve and have only lost a single set in six matches. More than that, their tricky float service proved difficult to handle for world class teams from Brazil and the Netherlands in the previous rounds.

Alison and Emanuel already passed a critical test in the quarterfinals. Against the Polish Olympic FIVB Heroes Fijalek and Prudel, they had to save a match point in the tiebreak – and did so in convincing fashion.

Alison challenges every opponent’s attack with his unique block, and his stunning attacks are always followed by his trademark grunt. On the other hand, at 39 years of age Emanuel still provides his delicate and intelligent play. A win would make him the only two-time gold medallist in the history of the sport, after he won gold in Athens in 2004.

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