Queens of the beach!

The queens of beach volleyball reached the final overcoming the Chinese team of Chen Xue and Xi Zhang. In the last, most important match they faced their compatriots, FIVB Heroines April Ross and Jennifer Kessy.

“It’s tough to play your own country, but it is nice to see them back and have an all-US final,” said Misty. “That’s what we want. It says a lot about volleyball in the US.”

For Misty this is the last tournament in beach volleyball and she’s finishing her career in great style.

The three time Olympic champions won 2-0 (21-16, 21-16) and gave their opponents no opportunity to come back. But the silver medallists are still proud of themselves.

“We are really proud of what we did here,” said April Ross. “It has been a tough battle and we nearly lost to Spain and the Czech Republic and nearly lost to Brazil last night. We are really proud of how we fought tonight, but they didn’t let us in. We like to be underdogs and come back and they didn’t let us back in tonight.”

The last place on the podium belongs to Brazilian team Larrisa Franca and Juliana Silva, who defeated Chen Xue and Xi Zhang in the match for bronze, winning 2-1 (11-21, 21-19, 15-12). 

“I am so proud of our team,” said Juliana. “At the beginning of the match we didn’t play well and I don’t know how we did it in the second set. The tie-break at the end, though I hate them, went well. This medal, though it isn’t gold, feels like gold. It’s not important to start well, it is important to finish well. You want it so bad and I am so proud to have played at the Olympic Games. Last night I said we have to stick together because we had to win the bronze medal.”

While the women’s tournament is over, today is the final countdown in men’s competition. Keep your fingers crossed for your Heroes!

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