Giba and his new team, officially presented in Argentina

In a big presentation held in Buenos Aires the FIVB Hero and new star of Bolivar, was officially presented to fans and media. Giba had offers from many clubs all over the world and finally decided on Argentina’s most successful club.

The 35-year-old player retired from the Brazilian national team after winning the silver medal at the London Olympics. “We wanted the gold, but I can’t complain. We reached three Olympic finals winning three medals, so there’s nothing to regret. Brazil has big players and will be on top of many podiums in the future”

“I have played in the national team for 20 years and was part of the senior team for 15. It was time to change my lifestyle because my children are growing up and I want to be part of that growth”, said Giba about his decision.

Brazilian FIVB Hero will now play with well-known teammates such as Angel Dennis from Cuba and many Argentinean national team players, and will be coached by Javier Weber, who also in charge of the national team.

We wish our Hero all the best for new season! Stay tuned to to find out how he does at his new club!