Multi-talented FIVB Hero Jovana Brakocevic

Why drawing?

“I’ve drawn since I was a kid”,  says Jovana. “I always liked to draw, usually comic things, I “copy” them and sometimes add something from myself”

In the busy life of a volleyball star it must be hard to find time for other talents and hobbies, but Jovana finds it can help to take her mind off volleyball.

“I draw when I’m sad or frustrated. It relaxes me”, explains the Serbian star, who – as many professional athletes – has to deal with frequent stressful situations during her career.

Her art is not the only thing Jovana likes to do. She also follows magazines for home interior design and this is an area she would like to work in once her volleyball career comes to an end.

As well as drawing and reading design magazines, Jovana likes to read! She likes the Twilight saga, “The Island” by Victoria Hislop and the trilogy by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child: “Brimstone”, “Dance of Death” and “Book of the Death”.

We hope Jovana will find some more time for her non-voleyball hobbies and develop her artistic talent!

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