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Elizaveta and her idol FIVB Hero Laura Ludwig from Germany

Hi FIVB Heroes fans,

we would like to congratulate Elizaveta from Moscow, the winner of “Share your story! Share your moments!”! Look at her amazing entry below.

A big thank you to everyone who participated! We loved your entries! Please keep them coming in.
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An extract from Ekaterinas‘ beautiful letter and pictures showing her and FIVB Heroes: 

5 years ago, I met my first FIVB Heroe, Simona Gioli, who made an incredible impression on me. Since then, volleyball has played a huge role in my life. In the following years, I was able to talk to many FIVB Heroes.

As I said, Simona Gioli was my first personal hero. If it wasn’t for her, I probably would not have made the one hour drive again to see another volleyball match. Over time, my taste started to change. That is when I first recognized Margareta Kozuh, another FIVB Hero, as well as beach volleyball. (…)

On The first day of the Olympic Games, I realized that I should start playing beach volleyball.  (…) At the moment I must say that my favorite FIVB Hero is German beach volleyball player Laura Ludwig. She is the one who inspires me to work hard towards a successful future. Due to her and all the FIVB Heroes I hope to maybe win an Olympic gold medal myself someday.  (…)

Thank you for all the Heroes!