FIVB Hero Emanuel Rego Speaks up about Doping Control and Clean Sport

A vocal member of the WADA’s Athlete Committee, the Brazilian star wants to do his part in helping the sport to remain clean and get rid of ‘fake heroes’.

FIVB Hero Emanuel Rego has always been a role model both on the beach volleyball court and off it, so the FIVB and the Brazilian Olympic Committee nominated him to represent the country and the sport at the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)’s Athlete Committee.

“I was very surprised and pleased with the nomination. The group exchanges only a few members each year and now, in 2013, will introduce me and Ben Sandford from New Zealand. I have always valued greatly the work done by doping control and am very happy with the chance to participate at a time when this sector will be very important in Brazil due to FIFA’s World Cup and the Olympic Games”, said Emanuel.

Created in 2005, the Athlete Committee makes the connection between athletes and WADA, helping the Agency with views and opinions from athletes worldwide. Last week our FIVB Hero flew to New York for his first meeting in this new job. “Many athletes feel as if their honesty regarding chemical products is being questioned but in reality we want to show that athletes are the best human material and that the doped ones have to stay away. People always believe that I’m using illicit things because of my longevity in the sport but in my entire career I always played in a clean way. That has always been my flag and the reason I feel so pleased to be on this committee. In my view the sport is something so clean and polite that should not be distorted with doping.”

Just as the whole world closely observed Lance Armstrong’s case, Emanuel’s goals during these next three years as a member of WADA’s Athlete Committee are to rid the sport of those who do not honour their positions and to prevent new idols ending up as villains.

“I’ve been following Armstrong’s case a lot. For many years he was considered a hero and people trusted his work. I read his biography, I knew a lot about his history. And he betrayed all those who believed in him. I think it’s important to use him as a great example for athletes to create awareness and that doping control is growing harder to escape. He must be severely punished and have his name written in history so no one forgets that he was a guy who betrayed everyone. These fake heroes must be banned”.

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