Destinee, the cup is yours!

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Despite losing the second final 3-1 FIVB Hero Destinee won the Golden set 15-8 to win the first CEV Challenge Cup for the Russian club of Dinamo Krasnodar.

It was a real battle between the Italians Rebecchi Nordmeccanica Piacenza and Russians Dinamo Krasnodar: the girls from Piacenza won the match 3-1 but in the final and crucial golden set FIVB Hero Destinee clinched the title!

The first set of the final was a poor start for our FIVB Hero, and with just a few points the Dinamo entire team felt the pressure of the moment to gift the set to the Italians. In the next set, however,they recovered to take it 25-22. The third and the fourth sets were full of up and downs, the Italians seamed to go faster than the Russians but our FIVB Hero Destinee didn’t give up and kept on scoring important points, boosting her team’s morale.

That was exactly what happened at the end of the match, with the Russians forgetting the loss and playing until the referee’s final whistle: Destinee with an ace and 4 other points joined hands with her team to clinch the historic occasion! She was the best scorer of the match with 27 points as well as the best spiker.

An ecstatic Destinee posted on Twitter just few minutes after the win a picture of her and her teammates celebrating and wrote: 2012-2013 CEV Challenge Cup Champions!!!!! #Dinamo.

We are really happy for her, and hope you all fans had fun watching the final! To see more news about the match go to