“FIVB Heroes“ – A tribute to volleyball and its most successful players


About the campaign


“FIVB Heroes” is the official image campaign of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).
The campaign aims to raise awareness of the players’ athletic achievements and to increase the worldwide interest in the sport. “FIVB Heroes” features 33 volleyball and 29 beach volleyball players from 19 countries, who were selected due to their outstanding performance.



The “FIVB Heroes”


The “FIVB Heroes“ tour the world as volleyball ambassadors to raise awareness of their sport. In total 33 volleyball and 29 beach volleyball players from 19 countries were selected to be a “FIVB Heroe”.


Women (volleyball):

Jovana Brakocevic (Serbia), Milagros Cabral de la Cruz (Dominican Republic), Kenia Carcaces Opon (Cuba), Sheilla Castro (Brasil), Neslihan Darnel (Turkey), Manon Flier (Netherlands), Ekaterina Gamova (Russia), Simona Gioli (Italy), Destinee Hooker (USA), Joanna Kaczor (Poland), Yeon-Koung Kim (South Korea), Saori Kimura (Japan), Margareta Kozuch (Germany), Jelena Nikolic (Serbia), Yoshie Takeshita (Japan), Yimei Wang (China)


Men (volleyball):

Zbigniew Bartman (Poland), Facundo Conte (Argentina), Giba Endres (Brazil), Murilo Endres (Brazil), Tatsuya Fukuzawa (Japan), Matey Kaziyski (Bulgaria), Bartosz Kurek (Poland), Maxim Mikhaylov (Russia), Simone Parodi (Italy), Antonin Rouzier (France), Kunihiro Shimizu (Japan), Héctor Soto (Puerto Rico), Clayton Stanley (USA), Sasha Starovic (Serbia), Moon Sung-Min (South Korea), Ferdinand Tille (Germany), Leon Venero Wilfredo (Cuba)


Women (beach volleyball):

Maria Antonelli (Brazil), Greta Cicolari (Italy), Talita Da Rocha Antunes (Brazil), Juliana Felisberta da Silva (Brazil), Sara Goller (Germany), Larissa França (Brazil), Jennifer Anne Kessy (USA), Laura Ludwig (Germany), Misty May-Treanor (USA), Marta Menegatti (Italy), April Ross (USA), Carolina Salgado (Brazil), Maria Clara Salgado Rufino (Brazil), Kerri Walsh (USA), Zhang Xi (China), Chen Xu (China)


Men (beach volleyball):

Julius Brink (Germany), Alison Cerutti (Brazil), Philip Dalhausser (USA), Adrián Gavira Collado (Spain), Pablo Herrera Allepuz (Spain), Matteo Ingrosso (Italy), Matteo Martino (Italy), Paolo Nicolai (Italy), Jonas Reckermann (Germany), Emanuel Rego (Brazil), Todd Rogers (USA), Penggen Wu (China), Linyin Xu (China)



Partnership with the United Nations


In November 2011 FIVB and the United Nations (UN) signed a partnership agreement in order to focus on social responsibility with the strong support of the “FIVB Heroes” campaign. Both organisations intend to promote shared values, to drive forward international development and to support the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) throughout the world.




The “FIVB Heroes” sculptures


As part of the “FIVB Heroes” campaign, three-dimensional giant statues of two volleyball and two beach volleyball stars were produced and are travelling the world in order to promote the campaign. For the production of the sculptures the “FIVB Heroes” Murilo Endres from Brazil, Ekaterina Gamova from Russia, Emanuel Rego from Brazil and Kerri Walsh from the US were scanned with a 3D laser scanner. The models are each around five metres high (including a one-metre solid wood base) and customized in PU foam. The final touches were made by three scene painters and airbrush artists. They weigh about 400 kg each, of which 250 kg is the base.